First of all, I would like to make apologies to all my visitors’ coz I don’t update my blog since 2 weeks ago. I have makes some rules to me that I will never do anything except study on weekdays. I want to focus when I am studying and other else I will be doing it on weekend.

So back to our title, absolutely that English is fun!! Why I said that? Am I crazy? No!!! English is important to us. Because of that, I really want to improve myself in English language. One day, my friend said to me that IRDA (Iskandar Regional Development Authority) will conduct an English program for FREE!! and they will give us an ELAUN!! and we will do it in HOTEL!!

Wow!! And awesome!! That’s great. I am excited about that. Immediately I registered for this program. The program called Communicative English Programme and Enhancement Employability English Programme (EEEP) held by IRDA.

On 7 December 2009, I and my friends arrived at Hotel Pandan City to attend this program.

Before we continue for this programme, we had to seat a test. This test was to determine the level of English for each participant. They divided us into 7 groups and I had been placed at group 7. Luckily, my group was the smallest group which consist only 16 peoples. If I’m not mistaken that group 1 was the biggest group which consist 38 peoples. Each group had one lecturer and my group got a very charming women. We called her Ms.Shantini.

She asked us to do an ice breaking to know each other and named our group... Of course we were group 7 but we changed it to be more astonishing. FABULOUS 7!! I liked this name. All right I will introduce my group members.

Ecah.. Uitm student.. chemical engineering. 3rd year student. 23 years old

Amy. Graduated chemical industry. 23 years old.Tag line: Shut up.

Zura. UTM student. Quantity survey. 3rd year student. 23 years old

Ajan. UTM student. Master student in Math. 24 years old. Tag line: What is ur besday?? Also can la..

Pikot. Just finish her master in Quantity survey.
25 years old.
Tag: I want Malik!! (president malik fans.)

Acik. Just finish her master in Quantity survey.
25 years old. Tough n rough girl.

Ekin. Graduated in marketing. Uitm Student
25 years old

Am. 22 years old. UTM student
3rd year mechanical student.

Salleh. UiTM student
4th year law student. 23 years old.
#always nod#

Malik. 23 years old.
4th year mechanical student. UTM student
Tag: No money no ice cream.

Din. 23 years old.
4th year mechanical student. UTM student

Miki. 22 years old.
4th year mechanical student. UTM student.
Tag : shuh!! Shuh!!

Nije a.k.a matt damon. 23 years old.
4th year mechanical student. UTM student
Tag: I’m so shy.. I’m sorry

This is me and Ms.Shantini. hehehe

Last members is Qayyum. He is always busy so we don't have a picture of him.


english is owesome..:)
we no need to learn english but we have to play with the language... that's y english is fun coz we play with the language..:)


english~ n nternational language, can use it all around d world..