Assalamualaikum w.b.t. Hello for all of you. Last week or my last post I managed to introduce my group. Fabulous 7!! So girls and guys, do you know what we were doing during eeep programme? Of course, we had a lecture about English that every one of us thinks that is so bored. But believe me; what I learn in this lecture is not totally same like what we learned in our primary and secondary school. We have discussion, quiz, games, public speaking and a lot of things that were fun.

We did a lot of discussion such as:
1) Should girls make a first move?
2) Should guys married at a young age?
3) Love marriage or Family marriage?

Instead all of these, I enjoyed doing a performance. Every night we had to do it;
First performance: Ice-Cream Drama Part 1.
Second performance: Singing (Tonight)
Third performance: Ice-Cream Drama Part 2
Fourth performance: Singing and dancing (Party like This)
Fifth performance: Singing (Tonight & Fabulous English)